Staff Augmentation

Know-how. Proficiency. Experience. Confidence.

These are the attributes it takes to manage a program and its components successfully. But hiring qualified, motivated program/project management professionals is not only a challenge for busy corporations, it can be a strain on existing personnel and financial resources. Research has shown that from start to finish, the price of recruiting and hiring a new employee often requires a minimum of 25 hours and can cost 15-30% of the vacant position's salary. Then you have to factor in the expense of lost productivity during the training process—both for the new hire and the existing staff member who is conducting the training. Not to mention the fact that, in most cases, you have no idea if this new employee is going to meet your expectations or fit into your corporate culture.

TriVariant can help.

We maintain a cadre of highly qualified, experienced program management and Earned Value Management consultants who can step right into your corporate environment, quickly adjust to your operational procedures, and fill your program management vacancies. And, because we've already pre-screened and trained our consultants, there’s no risk to you.

Our experienced team can help guide you through all phases of the program lifecycle, including:

We specialize in the following program management areas:

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